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Real Or Imagined
The truth can be conditional, 
it's not always absolute.
If perception is the reality, then 
what you believe, is that its
But it's only your perception, 
it doesn't make it truth.
Maybe, next time that you're 
certain, that you really know whats
Just remember it's perception and 
question if it's true.
Never be sure you know it all, 
because believing isn't proof 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 6 1
Free Range
Let me fly, don't burn my
Don't cut my tongue, just
let me sing.
Break not my pencils, how 
will I write?
No burning coals to take 
my sight.
I will listen, but tell no
Please build no walls,
construct no gaols. 
Just leave me, wild and 
I am content, to just be 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 19 5
Between the Lines
Those of us who suffer, see the 
colours in between.
The subtle shades of violet, the
burn of acid green.
It's not just grey and shades of
It's the colours never seen, for 
us the majestic rainbow is not just,
Red, orange yellow, blue, indigo, 
violet and green.
For us, it's the subtle nuance, of all
the colours in between.  
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 8 4
Love At Life's Worst
I love you when you're broken
the pieces plain to see.
I love you when you don't love 
When you simply struggle to be 
You love me when I'm crazy, 
when I'm lost and cannot 
It's like looking in a mirror, at, the 
other side of me. 
A crazy kind of honest love that 
allows us to be free.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 3
Burn For You
A fire burns within my
A molten flame a raging
My flesh, it steams, it cry's
for you.
It hungers, longs, burns me
The sparks you set, consume
me still.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 6 6
The Smallest Things
There is beauty in the smallest
A smile, a word, they shine and 
Elevate your soul, allow it to take
On closer reflection these things 
are not so small.
They give life its meaning, bring
clear joy to us all.
For, in the end, the only thing is 
Freely given, with no restraint or
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 3
I long to kiss those soft sweet
Gaze long into those eyes, lose 
myself be set adrift.
To float enmeshed, on your soft 
warm skin.
Kiss imbibe the whole of you, 
be as one that once was
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 1
Memories Song
There is a song that floats
in my head.
It's bittersweet, with butter
notes and cords of dread.
A song of wolves on winter
Of summer days and languid
It tempts and taunts with equal
An Eldorado, a song of you, my
buried treasure.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 6 0
Summer King
Birds that fly on stain glass
Splash through cotton candy
I lie and dream of such sweet
Free unchained to float, to soar,
to sing
A vagabond minstrel, a summer
In dreams, I dream of such sweet
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 6 0
Where The Broken Things Are
As humans, we are programmed to 
be part of a herd.
There are always outliers that don't
fit on the curve.
Some swim hard against the flow of 
the stream.
Others are content to just float and 
to dream.
Some take a hit and life deals them 
all pain.
They hold it all in and break with the
They are cut from the herd, set adrift
left alone.
But here, they are kindred and forever 
at home. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 4
Facta Non Verba
One word can save a life,
just one word.
An end to strife, how can 
just four letters be. 
The cure for all the pain we
It's not the word or the letters
that count.
By themselves, they don't
To any tangible change we 
It's the word in action that 
sets us free. 
Love is a word, by itself it's 
not much. 
Loving is doing and showing 
how much. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 9 5
Rainbow Days
Remember the bubbles that blew in 
the wind.
Clear Rainbow spheres, to delight 
every kid.
Detergent hoops that drew laughing
Floating away with our cares for a
Drifting down on bright faces, with 
a wink and a pop.
Bright clear dream days, please never 
Simple pleasures, simple times, days
of floating rainbow lives.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 8 2
The Illusion Of Happiness
As a complex being, there are 
many phases of being. 
Calm or confused, silent and 
Angry, excited or placid and 
Hopeful, tired , truculent,
Jealous, ecstatic, jubilant or 
With all these emotions, who 
ever said that happiness
was best.
It's one of many emotions 
just like the rest. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 15
Cactus Flower
I have a friend, who's
funny and smart.
She shoots from the
And speaks with her
She is quirky and kind
quick to reach out.
She is always around
when your hurt or in
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 13 6
Your smile tells a story that 
is reflected in your eyes.
It speaks of secret longing
and of pain you try to hide.
It shows the strength that 
life still tests but fails to pull
you down.
That enigmatic smile, you
wear it like a crown.
Down, but still defiant, a
grace that does you proud.
There is within as there 
is without, a beauty no 
pain can dim. Your soul 
is bruised and battered 
but please hold on you
still can win.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 4
Life Sentence
Do not judge me, for I have ever been 
my harshest critic.
Pass no sentence as I have condemned 
myself for life.
Seek not to imprison me, for I have already
built a cage that serves me well.
You cannot match, the chains that bind 
For I forged them in the flames that burn
In the prison of my private hell.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 13 5


In those moments
For an instant I would like to be part of those moments,
to perceive more closely what you feel.
In those moments
when you don't find even the words
and your hands are shaking
while the heart beats strong.
In those moments when you feel alone,
I would like to take you with me far away in flight
and then feel of the wind
that breeze
as we move further away
from all bitterness.
And then I can feel your breath up close
while it calms down
in the heat of my hug,
see the sky becoming ever closer
and on the clouds see you playing
like a child.
And in those moments
I would do without saying words
but I would give you a smile
that comes from my heart.
:icontazunee:Tazunee 5 9
Ascoltando il cuore
Quante volte ascoltando il cuore
lo hai sentito sussurrare,
“questa volta non vorrei sbagliare,”  
ma poi apri gli occhi e ti accorgi
che quel sentimento da te anelato
lo percepisci come qualcosa di distante
quasi invisibile,
come un filo sottile
con cui hai cercato di legare insieme
sogni e speranze
che come leggere carezze
ti coccolavano il cuore.
Poi all’improvviso
vedi come un lampo squarciare il cielo,
spezzare il filo
e vedi tutto confondersi, ingarbugliarsi,
prima di essere spazzato via lontano
fino a quasi non rimanerne il ricordo.
:icontazunee:Tazunee 3 0
Deep love by stellartcorsica Deep love :iconstellartcorsica:stellartcorsica 139 12
Just for the night
Don't ask me why,
Just hold me tight.
Don't ask me why,
Just let me write.
Don't ask me why
I hate the light,
Don't ask if I
Will be alright,
Don't terrify
Don't leave my sight,
Don't ask me why
We can't unite,
Don't make me lie,
No need to fight,
Don't even try
To make it right,
Just let me cry
away my fright,
Just get me high
On your delight,
Just get me high
For one more night.
Don't say goodbye
Don't alibi
Don't make me sigh
Don't pass me by
alone tonight...
:icon286yoha:286yoha 9 12
Sleepless, like the ocean
My heart is beating,
My heart is beating once again.
And stars are breathing
Your sweet scent, from within my pen.
All the lyrics we wrote
Singing along like ocean waves
Trying to stay afloat
By letting go of all we crave.
So young and naive
Never cared about the weather;
Warm joy or cold grieve,
Willing to drown if we're together.
Swore, we would never leave,
Promised we, would stay forever.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 5 7
Robotic thoughts
Heavy mechanical heartbeats,
Screaming voices in my head.
My lungs are wrapped and wired,
All my sensors are tired,
My battery is glowing red.
Red, the color of blood I crave,
But none comes out of cutting steel.
Even burning never hurts,
Nothing triggers my alerts
How's it like being able to feel?
How is it like to fall in love?
How do butterflies get inside?
Someone show me, pretty please,
Someone put my brain at ease,
Somebody give me a place to hide.
Someone tell me I'm not alone
Somebody bid my heart to beat
Someone teach me, pretty please
Hold me tight, before I freeze
Breathe into me. make me complete..
:icon286yoha:286yoha 13 10
A meaningless title
I just wanna say I'm sorry
I just really wanna lie,
and tell you that I'm sorry.
Fuck you
I don't care about you
I don't fucking care alright?
I don't know if I ever did
I don't think you know me
I can't sense your pulse
I can't feel your love.
I need you to fuck off
I need you to stop talking
I need you to go away
I need you to move on
I need you to forget me.
I need you.
hurt me.
I need you in my life
I need you closer to me
I need you to hold me
I need to hear your voice
I need to touch your face
I need you.
Help me..
I despise everything I love about you.
I hate my life when I'm without you
I love you when you decieve me
I just hate you when you leave me
I love it when you mess with my heart
I hate to see you falling apart
I fucking love you when you doubt me
I hate to know you worry about me
I love you for everything you hate
I hate me for making you wait
I don't wanna think, I just wanna feel.
Recreate our link, remind me what is real.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 7 8
Expiring glue
I once had enough love
To keep this family from falling apart.
I once had enough love
To fill the cracks in both of your hearts.
I once had enough love
To make you forget the way he treats you.
I once had enough love
To help you see how bad she needs you.
I once had enough love
To save you from the lies he feeds you.
I once had enough love
To beat your anger when it beats you
I once had enough love.
I once had enough love, now I
I barely have enough, to say Good-Bye
:icon286yoha:286yoha 12 9
Cold charcoal night in burning shiny day
I tried an oxymoron
But it is not an euphemism...
My day is black
I don t know if day will be back
:iconstellartcorsica:stellartcorsica 9 2
My key
Your name is tattooed into my soul
Through a dreamscape with high hills
Your tenderness give me chills
When you are here I am elsewhere
You walk me into a magic path that I never knew
Such an awesome place made of stars and glitters
Time was needed, you take it, each time thank you
I offer you my trust, from me, it's like a trophy
I rarely lend my soul but you succeed & deserve
All my holy wonder through rainbow and clouds
It tells a tale of warmth and delight
Such a surprising softness with so much passion
You have been forged for me, like a rare gold
You are my half, you are my key
:iconstellartcorsica:stellartcorsica 12 8
Headphones On, World off
Headphones on, World off,
That is how I live,
I put them on and block out everything,
Everyone, as music floods my mind;
Headphones on, World off,
I can't deal with the noise,
I can't deal with everything on the outside,
So I put them on, and embrace myself;
When the world is off I am free,
Free to be me, whatever and whoever me is,
No one judges me, as there is no one else to do so,
When I put them on I am free,
I write, I sing and hum, I am free; 
Headphones off, World on,
Everything flood in, and I recede into myself, forming a shell
Headphones off, World on,
How I can't wait to turn it off again.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 11 21
To everyone who doubts me,
To everyone who judges me,
To everyone who pressures me to be someone else,
I am numb to them all;
To everyone who supports me,
To everyone who loves me,
To everyone who wants me for me,
I welcome them forever;
By becoming this all I want to do,
Is be more like me,
And less like you,
I am numb on the outside;
You jeer, You push me to the edge,
I am closer than you think, to finishing it,
Only those who love me, who don't numb me,
Keep me here, with their light against your dark;
I am numb,
To everyone who doubts me,
Who pressures me to be someone else,
Who hates me for being born;
I welcome everyone,
Who supports me,
Who loves me,
Who wants me for me.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 7 12
Scarred poetry
The words of a poem
Are like stitches
Trying to close a wound
And when finished
The poem itself
Will remain
For all to see
Like a scar
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 21 14
Jason Shademaster  by silvermist999 Jason Shademaster :iconsilvermist999:silvermist999 25 11
Fighting lies
My heart lies
But so do I
As every time
Someone asks
"Are you okay?"
I answer
"I am fine"
And when I am honest
About how I feel
Some people think
That my bad days
Are just a sign
Of my weakness
Little do they know
That during those days
I am fighting the hardest
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 17 20
Turn time back
If there was a way
To turn time back
Would you try to change?
Make up for things you lack?
Or would you stay the same?
Realize you've already come this far
All the things you've accomplished
And accept who you are
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 14 14



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The truth can be conditional, 
it's not always absolute.
If perception is the reality, then 
what you believe, is that its
But it's only your perception, 
it doesn't make it truth.
Maybe, next time that you're 
certain, that you really know whats
Just remember it's perception and 
question if it's true.
Never be sure you know it all, 
because believing isn't proof 
Real Or Imagined
I was thinking the other day what if I'm wrong 
The witching hour has struck, and I have turned into a pumpkin :pumpkin  and can no longer type and must sleep.
How then am I typing this you ask? Fair question, I dictated it to Ivy and she copied it down,. Computer Savvy Cat 

Night! my wonderful friends  
The witching hour has struck, and I have turned into a pumpkin :pumpkin  and can no longer type and must sleep.
How then am I typing this you ask? Fair question, I dictated it to Ivy and she copied it down,. Computer Savvy Cat 

Night! my wonderful friends  



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